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Blake Byun





Social Media

Instagram : blakebyun_art
Twetter: @BlakeByun

Date of Birth:

August 27th, 1998


I am pursuing a powerful, balanced, and believable high-level illustration. I have experience successfully delivering high-quality illustrations while effectively communicating with clients and handling challenging feedback. As a freelance lead illustrator at Envar Studio, I support the art director to provide guidance on art style direction, feedback, and processes, enabling team members to learn and successfully finish work with ease.


Mar 2022 ~ Present

Nov 2020 ~ Present

May 2020 ~ Aug 2021

May 2019 ~ Dec 2019

Lead Illustrator
Envar Entertainment · Freelance

Freelance Illustrator

Riot Games · Freelance

Cinematic Illustrator

Astorm · Full-time

I illustrated the story cinematic for the game 'Nightmare Breaker', collaborating with coworkers to produce and provide feedback on overall universe stories and storyboard art. I also provided feedback in collaboration with an outsourcing studio, gaining experience in working effectively with external teams

Freelance Illustrator

Riot games · Freelance

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